Affiliate Marketing Networks

Joining a few Affiliate Marketing Networks will help you monetize your blog; putting cash in your pocket when readers click on your links and make a purchase.

How it works

There are many different marketing networks, each carries hundreds of global companies for you to choose from. You first apply to the marketing network (my favorites are listed below). Once accepted to the network, you can then apply to each company that fits into your niche.

Start out with one or two networks and keep a list of all of your approved companies. I actually keep a paper list of my companies and which networks they are on. When I’m writing my blog post, the list is helpful.

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What You Need

Most marketing networks will require you to have a hosted website, your social media statistics, a brief description of your business, a W-9, and your banking information (so they can pay you).

My Favorite Networks

Join the LinkConnector Network Join, Earn Cash!

Awin has a great list of vendors


CJ Affiliate is another good option

A Word About Amazon

Amazon is an easy, stand alone affiliate program. They have very specific requirements, but offer almost everything you need. The payout percentage is lower than most of the independent companies. For example: a product I recommend on my site has a payout of 4% on Amazon and 8% on the home company. So as you increase your affiliate programs, keep an eye on the payouts.


You are required by law to state that you are a member of an affiliate program. The disclaimer needs to be before your first link, but not the first sentence. Drop in in the second or third paragraph, just make sure you don’t have any links above it. Besides, you want your readers to get into your post before you send them off to another site.

Here is what I know about travel. Everyone’s taste is different. The opinions expressed here are mine alone.

Sign up for those affiliate marketing networks!

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