Timeboxing vs to-do list

Timeboxing Vs To-Do List

Goal setting is the method most of us used to get things done, but should we use timeboxing vs to-do list? It mainly depends on how good you are at accomplishing tasks and setting realistic time frames for your business and personal projects.

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What Is Timeboxing

Timeboxing is simply good old fashion calendar management. Using a digital calendar/planner (I prefer a week-at-a-glance planner) you allocate time to projects based on your estimated completion time; or you slot a specific time each week to complete a repetitive task.

When you timebox items on your calendar, aka schedule them, you are committing to set aside a time during the day to complete a task. If you can’t complete it, you can least make progress on your project.

This works really well for long-term goal setting along with tasks you perform every day/week. For example, keeping up with social media can be a full time job, but necessary in this tech age. Try blocking off one hour on my calendar every morning to address social media. Check all of your accounts, respond to messages, post new pics/info, etc. On Friday, schedule two hours to give yourself time to plan and schedule posts for the next week. This way, you are not checking in every few hours. Unless there is something that needs immediate attention, you can be confident you will have scheduled time to respond.

To-Do Lists

As far as a to-do list goes, we know when were are composing them that there is way too much stuff listed to get done in one day. Additionally, we tend to chose the easiest items on the list to complete, leaving the large, time-sucking projects until tomorrow. Can you say procrastination?

Don’t get me wrong, a good to-do list is an awesome tool.

But it ends up being one of those things that basically keeps notes of what needs to get done. The items roll from day-to-day. Some may get checked off, but many eventually end up on the calendar when they become a priority or a fire, Yikes!

What Works Best

I like to use both methods, they work well in tandem. Goal setting is key to every entrepreneur and to reach your Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAG) you need to take small steps toward the desired BHAG every day. Timeboxing will help you accomplish these baby steps if you set aside specific, dedicated time slots for them.

I hope you enjoyed my take on timeboxing vs to-do list. You might want to read my Planners Make Goal Setting Simple article where I review my 2021 planner. I would be lost without my planner, for sure!

Okay, on to tackling my GHAGs!


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