Email Lists Are Blogger Gold
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Email Lists Are Blogger Gold

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Do you have an email list? Is it a good email list with interested followers? Do you write to your email list regularly? I’m here to tell you, email lists are blogger gold.

I’ve been hovering around 50 subscribers for about three years with one of my platforms and just started a list with my second platform.

We all know, email lists are the only platform where we own our subscribers. Everyone has heard horror stories about a social platform banning or deleting accounts without recourse. Hopefully that hasn’t happened to any of you! We need a hefty, engaged email list of followers who know, like, and trust us.

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Here’s What I Had

Platform A, the three year old list of 50 subscribers was going nowhere – no engagement, no sales, no consistent emails. Ugh! I knew it was time to up my game and, actually, get in the game. After taking several email courses – discovered my “true client” and figured out what I had that they needed. I did all the groundwork, but it didn’t help grow my list.

Finally, (this didn’t happen overnight), I figured out how to create a landing page, a quality lead magnet, and a welcome email sequence. These tools along with a few dollars for targeted Facebook ads tripled my list in two months. Whoop! Whoop!

I was on my way, right? Wrong!

I still wasn’t engaging my audience. They didn’t get me and didn’t want what I was selling.

Here’s What I Did

I signed up for Raelyn Tan’s Happy Subscriber Toolkit. A whopping 104 email templates – enough for one a week for two years. Emails like The Checklist Teaser and BIG News & You’re Hearing It First join others that make your email engagement and marketing a snap.

In Raelyn’s list, each email has a catchy title, a note from Raelyn describing the circumstance for that email, and the text outline with prompts and highlights to personalize your story. And know this, it is about storytelling.

Now I’m a freelance writer and I still struggled with my emails because I wasn’t digging deep enough nor getting personal enough to connect with my audience.

Here’s What Happened

I discovered new ways to engage my audience and ask them to do stuff. Like repost articles and videos for me, share my story, buy my things.

My list grew because my followers were engaged. Sales grew because my followers trusted me. My confidence grew because my followers were engaged and trusted me. See the cycle?

Here’s What You Can Do

You need great, engaging emails to connect with your audience. You can check out Raelyn Tan’s Happy Subscriber Toolkit. It is an amazing value.

You need a reason for people to sign up for your list. So build a Lead Magnet, and since a $1 a day, or a $1 a week if that’s all you have, into marketing.

You need to figure out your welcome email sequence letters. Raelyn Tan’s Happy Subscriber Toolkit included five.

Email Lists Are Blogger Gold

Go for the Gold! Build your email list.

Wishing you all blogging success!


PS I also purchased The Complete Sales Email Template Pack – I’ll let you know that that turns out.

PPS Don’t forget to add affiliate links to your emails. My Affiliate Marketing Networks info sheet is a good place to start.

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  1. I do struggle with this because I personally don’t care for any kind of keep in touch email. I know I need to do it though. Thanks for the advice!

  2. I’m just learning how to use my email list. I hope I can be successful with it, too, but it is a learning curve.

  3. So true.. I’m blessed with my email list some people work years.. but 1 thing I never do is sell.. so if you have luck I would like to hear about it!

  4. I have several lead magnets and my email list is at 2000. I email twice a week. It can be hard to do sometimes, but consistency is one of the keys.

  5. I haven’t sent out any emails yet to my subscribers because I’m not sure what to sent them. I might have to look into this further

  6. Good for you! This is a great resource, for sure! I have less than 40 subscribers, but I need to put more work into my emails.

  7. This was a useful post. My list of subscribers is over 200 but I’ve only sent email notifications when I do a new blog post. I’m toying with starting a newsletter but I feel like it will be like having two blogs and I can’t keep up with one.

  8. Great idea. I’m still getting started but I know my email list is so important. But even with lead magnets, building it is so challenging. And finding an email service provider with all the functions you need without having to pay a ton when you’re just getting started is even harder lol!

  9. Email lists are so important for a blogger…I agree…gold. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  10. I know that I’m not utilizing my email list the way I should. I need to work on that.

  11. Great tips! I got my first 50 pretty easily and have just been sitting there ever since, no matter what I do. I have a service where I can give away free 3-5 night hotel stays and no one cared. I was mindblown… I would do so many things for a free hotel stay because that’s one of the biggest travel costs. It is on my list of things to do this year to figure out how to grow my email list because I don’t want to lose out on the potential it has.

  12. I’m definitely checking into her stuff! My email list is growing but I don’t take the time to create emails to send out to my list. Sounds like this would be so helpful.

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