karen Birmingham Rose of Sangiovese Review

Karen Birmingham Rose of Sangiovese Wine Review

I am delighted to bring you my Karen Birmingham Rose of Sangiovese Wine Review. It may not be spring, but planning to purchase your spring and summer wines in the next few months is a good idea.

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Perfect for a spring or summer porch dinner, Birmingham’s Rose of Sangiovese is crisp, refreshing, and light. It is the perfect compliment to a light meal. Just chill, pour, and enjoy.

The Lodi grown, medium bodied Italian Sangiovese wine is fruit forward and lower in alcohol content, making it the perfect porch wine.

Where You Find The Wine

I am a big fan of Nakedwines.com. They create a marketing and delivery opportunity for small, independent winemakers by offering essentially a group retail outlet. Your Angel subscription will help support dedicated winemakers around the world. When you click on the Nakedwines.com link, you will receive a $100 discount voucher on Angel prices when you spend $159.99 or more on your first order.

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Karen Birmingham Rose of Sangiovese Wine Review

Karen Birmingham Rose of Sangiovese Wine Review

Details About the wine

This yummy Rose is currently sold out, but according to Birmingham, “I’m finishing up the 2020 vintage, getting it ready for bottling in January. If you want to add this to your spring enjoyment, don’t wait too long after it comes out.”

Chill, pour, enjoy with grilled fish and crunchy veggies for a relaxing summer dinner. Storing wine in a stand alone wine frig is the best way to keep it at optimum temperature. I like this KUPPET 27 bottle wine chiller from Amazon. It’s freestanding – so you don’t have to worry about installing it under the counter.

Wrap up

While this lovely Rose is out of stock you can choose other wines by this talented wine maker like her Lodi Barbera 2019 or her California Petite Sirah 2018

While we are in the throws of winter, I hope this helps you plan for your summer stock. This Karen Birmingham Rose of Sangiovese Wine Review hopefully gets you in the summer-on-the-porch mood.

Don’t forget to check out the great deals available at nakedwines.com. Angels come in all shapes and sizes!

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  1. I’m going to wait for when it’s in stock and get a bottle. After putting four kids aged 8 to 1 to bed, Mama needs a glass of wine 🍷 and still stay half sober for when one kid decides they can’t sleep. Definitely clicking your link to nakedwines.

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