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Divi Aruba All Inclusive Resort Review

Divi Aruba All Inclusive Resort Review

Beautiful Oranjestad, Aruba, will enchant you. From the moment you step onto the resort property you can feel your stress level decrease and your entire being decompress.

Travel Tips For Retirees

We work our entire lives to make money. There comes a time when we need to take advantage of being retired and set our long awaited travel plans in motion. It’s time to start planning to visit dream destinations. Make your travel adventure fun and enjoyable with these few travel tips for retirees. Whether you…
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How travel writers score press trips

How Travel Writers Score Free Press Trips

The best way to get story ideas is to get out there and experience travel. Start exploring places close to home and you will be scoring paid press trips along with travel articles that generate income.

Travel Tips For Retirees

Why You Need A Travel Journal

You don’t have to travel around the world to write in your travel journal. The best places to practice journaling is on local explorations. Travelers can be locals. Try a few of these ideas to get you started journaling.

Timeboxing vs to-do list

Timeboxing Vs To-Do List

I like to use both methods. Goal setting is key to every entrepreneur and to reach your goals your Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAG) you need to take small steps toward the desired BHAG every day.

karen Birmingham Rose of Sangiovese Review

Karen Birmingham Rose of Sangiovese Wine Review

The Lodi grown, medium bodied Italian Sangiovese wine is fruit forward and lower in alcohol content, making it the perfect porch wine.

A Romantic Christmas Getaway at Opryland

Leisurely stroll while you view the beautiful decorations, the 48-foot Christmas tree, and the over three million twinkling lights.

gifts for your favorite wine lover

Gifts For Your Favorite Wine Lover

Wine lovers are easy to buy for — they readily consume your gift, sometimes sharing with you! How great is that. This list of gifts for your favorite wine lover includes some of my all time favorites.

Planners Make Goal Setting Simple

Remember the feeling of getting all new school supplies. It was the sign of a new beginning, a new year, a new you. I feel the same way when I get my new planner, it’s a time of anticipation, wondering what the new year will bring. The best part is planners make goal setting simple.

Goals Are Your Best Tool For Success

We all want to be successful, right? Setting goals are one of the most important tools to navigate the road to ahead of us. Tracking our goals is key. Therefore, goals are your best tool for success.

A Beginners guide to golf etiquette

A Beginners Guide To Golf Etiquette

It takes time to get to the starter. You need to find the bag drop, many courses will have someone there to get your bags out of your car and set them up in your golf cart (don’t forget to tip them). After you park your car, you need to check in at the pro shop. Next you need to find your clubs and cart, then find the starter. You should be in your cart, by the starter, and ready to play five minutes before your scheduled tee time.

The Best Gifts For travelers

The Best Gifts For Travelers

Whether you are planning a local road trip or epic vacation for 2021, you will find these travel items make great holiday gifts for 2021 travel adventures.

Airbnb nightmare blog

How My Bonvoy Card Saved Me From An Airbnb Nightmare

As we turned down the red dirt road, throwing sandy dust into the air, my daughter spoke of a bad Airbnb nightmare she had about this place — that it was sketchy. Did she already know? She had booked the Airbnb months ago because it was dog friendly and she was in the process of…
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Miller Petite Sirah Review

Miller Petite Sirah Review

Of course, a good red wine should be chilled about 20 minutes before opening. Let this wine breath a bit, another 20 minutes, before enjoying a glass with friends

7 Things To Know About Whale Watching Trips

In order to get out to the deep water that whales love, expect to be out on the boat for three to five hours. It will take at least an hour or more to get out and back, which will leave you one to two hours of hunting and watching.

How To Plan The Perfect Road Trip

How To Plan The Perfect Road Trip

Road trips are the way we travel this summer. How to plan the perfect road trip and getting out there, when you are ready, will let you experience what’s in your own back yard.

Email Lists Are Blogger Gold

Email Lists Are Blogger Gold

Do you have an email list? Is it a good email list with interested followers? Do you write to your email list regularly? I’m here to tell you, email lists are blogger gold. I’ve been hovering around 50 subscribers for about three years with one of my platforms and just started a list with my…
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video blogger tools that won't break the bank

Video Blogger Tools That Won’t Break The Bank

Subject matter – start with your back yard, or your street. Take a walk, enjoy the neighborhood. Look for something interesting. The just start video taping, you can edit later.


Where To Dine In Marlborough MA

Welcome to Marlborough. Trying to decide where to dine in the area? Reviews of the local restaurants are listed here.

Ultimate Universal Resort Hotels

The Ultimate Guide to Universal Orlando Resorts Hotels

The Ultimate Guide to Universal Orlando Resort Hotels highlights the best of what staying on property has to offer Universal’s guests.

Montaria Reserva Lente Wine Review

My goal is to taste the wine, make notes, and then check out other reviews. In this case it backfired a little bit.

Akiyoshi Chardonnay Review

Akiyoshi Chardonnay

Here is what I know about wine. Everyone’s palate is different. We all have our own preferred tastes. I’m just a girl who loves wine.

Orchids at home

Orchids At Home

A line of mixed orchids colorfully adorning your window sill will bring you joy all year long. Growing orchids at home is easier than you think.

How to spend 48 hours in Barcelona

How To Spend 48 Hours In Barcelona

Experiencing everything Barcelona has to offer in just two days is impossible. However, you can absorb the vibe of this hip, vibrant city with careful planning paired with wild abandon!

San Fran to LA Road Trip

This trip included all the must see stops on the California Coast. Our guide was Adam, he is knowledgeable, friendly and is like your new travel BFF!

Gloria Ferrer Winery Review

When you want to try some great wines and are in Sonoma Valley, be sure to visit the Gloria Ferrer Winery. You will be happy you did.

Delightful Plymouth Massachusetts

Plimoth Plantation will keep you busy for an entire day.

Wine Review – Mira Vos

I’m just a girl who loves to try wine – I’m not an expert – for sure!

Northern Ireland’s Natural Beauty

Full Irish Breakfast – Sheep – Irish Sea – Sheep – Giants Causeway – Sheep – Royal Portrush Golf Course – Sheep – Carrick a Rede Rope Bridge – Sheep – Baaaaaaah!

We drove from Dublin to Portrush on our last visit to Ireland! The ride takes just under three hours, but the scenery is so beautiful, we stopped frequently to just enjoy the breathtaking vistas, enjoy a nibble to two, and chat with some lovely people.

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We connected with some friends, he grew up in Dublin, and began our journey north very early in the morning with the goal of getting to Portrush by dinner. We stopped at a small hamlet and for breakfast just outside of Dublin. Nothing but the Full Irish Breakfast for the guys – rashers (bacon), black and white pudding (sausage), eggs, tomatoes and mushrooms, beans, and potatoes all fried in butter! On the side is fresh soda bread with more butter and jam, tea and orange juice. So much food! I had beans (which just came from a can – go figure) and toast; not the best vacation breakfast I’ve every had, but fortifiying. The guys were stuffed!

We skirted Belfast and made our way up the coast, stopping frequently to take in the beautiful seashore along the Irish Sea, Like Tweed’s Port Carnfunnock Bay Slipway.

We stopped for lunch in Carrickfergus on the shore of Belfast Lough. After lunch we wandered around Carrickfergus Castle and stumbled upon the towns Christmas celebration. We could hear loud music and followed the sound. The street fair was fun and was a perfect diversion from the driving.

We reached our designation – the Inn on the Coast. It is a sweet little hotel with a view of the Atlantic. The staff was so nice and the rooms were comfy. We headed to the bar and restaraunt for dinner, it was exactly what you would expect, cozy with a roaring fire, lots of Guinness and hearty entrees. After a leasurely dinner, we got in a few games of pool.

The morning brought lots of black ice. The parking lot was a skating rink, but we ventured out anyway. Off to the Carrick a Rede Rope Bridge first. We climbed the rocky mountainside along the Atlantic towards the bridge to take you to the outcrop. The experience was exhilerating and unnerving at the same time.

Our next stop was The Giants Causeway. The hike from the parking lot seemed much shorter than it was, because the scenery was spectacular. Chris was climbing around the rocks like he was 12 years old. I was shocked by his agility, which was spurred on by his excitement at the amazing view.

We swung by the Royal Portrush Golf Cub to get a peak at a few of the golf holes. The 148th Open (British Open) will be played there in July 2019. I don’t know where all these people will stay – Portrush is not that big! I’m sure they will be bussing them in from all over.

With our siteseeing complete – we husted back to Dublin to meet Chris’ cousin for dinner and a little family catch up time.

If you don’t want to drive, you can try a tour. You can check out the one my dauthter took to visit this beautiful country Click Here!!!

The people of Northern Ireland just absorb you into their life, you feel like you have always belonged and can stay forever.

Wine Review – Payadores

Payadores, a Sauvignon Blanc from Valle Central, Chile


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