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I Buy My Travel Insurance From Safety Wing

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The Best Travel Insurance For The Casual Traveler And Digital Nomad

I wanted to take a moment today and speak to you about travel insurance. Not just medical insurance, because that is important, but the other stuff that can come up — lost luggage, flight delays, accidents, etc. Finding a supplemental insurance policy that covers your trip for a minimal fee is like buying a stress reliever. I buy my travel insurance from Safety Wing.

Travel Insurance From Safety Wing

When you travel, even if you travel with a loose itinerary, you need a back up plan. Something you can lean on when things go amiss — and they will. You don’t need to be a digital nomad to need travel insurance. It is the peace of mind that keeps you sane when those little things don’t go according to plan. I buy my travel insurance from Safety Wing. I purchase just what I need for each individual trip and don’t sweat the small stuff when issues arise.

Many medical insurance providers don’t fully cover you when you are out of your home country. Accidents happen, and you need to know you can get help if needed. The medical insurance coverage with Safety Wing gives you peace of mind knowing you can get safe medical treatment without worry.

Beyond medical insurance, the travel insurance benefits are what most travelers need. Travel delays and lost luggage are commonplace when dealing with airlines today. Natural disasters are happening globally. Wouldn’t it be great to have trip interruption benefits when your vacation gets derailed? How about when you encounter a travel delay when the airline cancels your flight? Speaking of airlines, did they lose your luggage again? Mine got lost between an Interlaken ski trip and touring Athens, they delivered our skis (of no use in Athens), but not our bags.

Do yourself another favor and invest in colorful luggage. It will help you easily identify your pieces as they ride around the luggage carousel, along with other helpful benefits from it getting lost. 

benefits of colorful luggage

One of my favorite coverages is Political Evacuation — when we travel, lots of unusual things can and do happen. When it’s time to go — it’s time to go. The coverage list goes on with natural disaster coverage, personal liability coverage, and medical evacuation coverage.

I didn’t have insurance coverage in 2016 when I took this fabulous trip to Northern Ireland. Good thing Chris didn’t fall off when climbing the Giants Causeway.

Travel Insurance from safety Wing

If you are like me and travel for work, or simply travel for pleasure, it is important to have a safety net to catch you when life takes a left turn and leaves you hanging. Safety Wing is my net of choice. Do yourself a favor, check it out for your next trip abroad. You will hear yourself saying, “it’s okay, I’m covered for that,” more often than you think. And, being able to say that takes all the stress out of dealing with the travel roadblocks you can face.

I buy my travel insurance from Safety Wing, I love that it offers coverage for medical emergencies, trip interruption, trip delays, lost luggage, political unrest, and all the other things. It only costs a nominal per trip fee (or an annual plan). It is the only way I travel.

Happy and Safe Travels,


Travel Insurance From Safety Wing

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