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Around The World Cruises And Grand Voyages

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Ultimate World Cruise Destinations To Check Off Your Bucket List

First time cruisers beware — cruising becomes addictive. You will soon find yourself embarking on a back-to-back cruise, a month long grand voyage, or an around the world cruise. Whether you love giant ships, small ocean vessels, expedition ships, or river cruise ships, you can sail on around the world cruises and grand voyages forever and a day.

The real question is how many cruises a year are too many?

Answer: there are too many itineraries to limit yourself to just one!

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Cruise Of The World Epic Grand Voyage Itineraries

World Cruises
Moose Family, Alaska

Circumnavigating the world on a cruise ship is a wonderful way to get a glimpse into another culture. You enjoy a snapshot of a city or region experiencing a taste of their culture and traditions.

South America

World Cruises

Begin in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, spend some time exploring Antarctica, and finish your voyage in Santiago, Chile. This is a perfect itinerary for northern wintertime since it is summer for South America.

We sailed with Oceania Cruises on their 24 Day Rio de Janeiro to Santiago de Chile — Cape Horn Mariner. It was one of my favorite trips.


World Cruises
Monte Carlo, Monaco

An extended sailing on the Mediterranean is wonderful almost year round. If you love the heat, August is the month to go. Both the French and Italian Rivieras are filled with European tourists — it can be very crowded, but you get the true flavor of the region. If you are looking for something a little more peaceful, spring and fall are a wonderful time to explore the Mediterranean coastline — still busy, but not jam packed.

The 17-day Rivieras & Relics, Barcelona to Valletta cruise with Oceania Cruises was amazing. We love the Mediterranean in the summer. We got to spend time on Scilly, which was the driving force for choosing this itinerary — it was sublime!

Australia & South Pacific

World Cruises
Sunset At Sea

Australia is on my bucket list for a grand voyage. It would be fun to combine Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti, Bora Bora, etc. That might be a 50+ day cruise.


World Cruises
Positano, Italy

I have Oceania’s 25 day Quebec & Caribbean Melody, Montreal to Oranjestad in my saved file. There are lots of fun stops along this fall season adventure — be sure to book dates after hurricane season ends.

Bucket List Destinations

World Cruises
Northern Ireland

What are your bucket list destinations? With seven continents, four oceans, and a world filled with UNESCO World Heritage Site adventures, your epic world cruise is at your fingertips.

What cities do you want to visit? Ho Chi Minh City? Cape Town? San Francisco? Kuala Lumpur? Buenos Aires? Lifetime trip destinations around the globe beckon you to embark on a cruise adventure. Walking the Great Wall of China, sailing through the Panama Canal, marveling at the Taj Mahal, or floating around in Antarctica are great reasons to set sail aboard your ultimate world cruise.

What countries are on your travel experience list? Italy? Costa Rica? Madagascar? Bora Bora? Tazmania? Australia? Easter Island? The list of places to visit is endless.

Cruise Lines That Offer Around The World Cruise Vacations

Interesting Foodie Experiences

There are so many options when it comes to grand voyage vacations. I’ve only listed a few here, take your time and explore the itinerary or cruise ship that works best for your travel style. Cruise lines offer a variety of itineraries and ships. Make a list of must haves and required destinations, and ultimate adventure desires to start the research process. Everyone has their own idea of an ultimate world cruise and the associated accommodations.

I’m not sure I could sail away for 6 months, but I could certainly enjoy a 2 month world cruise around the world – or at least part of the world.

Oceania Cruises

Riviera Ship, Oceania Cruises

We love Oceania Cruise ship life. The smallish ships, around 1,100 passengers, creates an intimate atmosphere. There are very few children onboard and no activities to entertain them. They have eight ships that circumnavigate the globe offering a variety of itinerary options and adventure experiences. You can easily book back-to-back voyages and create your own grand voyage itinerary. They also offer many pre-planned journey options that are 20+ days long.

Viking Cruise Lines

Eiffel Tower, Paris

I recently went on my first Viking Cruise ship and I was delighted with the staff’s attention to detail. We sailed on the Paris & The Heart of Normandy itinerary. Of course Paris is always a good idea and Normandy was emotional.

Viking has river cruise ships, expedition ships, and ocean cruise ships. Their 32 day, Sydney to Sydney Grand Australia Circumnavigation has caught my attention.

Royal Caribbean

Eagle Beach, Aruba

The popular Royal Caribbean Line has withstood the test of time. Their loyal guests can book a 274 night Ultimate World Cruise. It visits over 60 countries — wow! That would be amazing. I sailed on Royal Caribbean many years ago and was impressed with the efficiency of running such a massive floating hotel.

Silversea Cruises

Wine Excursions

I have not sailed on Silversea Cruises, but they are listed as a luxury cruise line. They offer a 141 day itinerary that visits 37 countries. Their world cruises would be fun to explore.

Shore Excursions

Cristo Rei, Lisbon

Shore excursions can increase the cost of your cruise exponentially. Many have a number of included exclusive experiences, and you should certainly take advantage of those. As you select your add-on excursions, consider bucket list adventures that you might not have a chance to experience again. Cruise ship companies are great at offering exclusive experiences and hidden gems to entice guests to book their epic voyage.

For guests who want to explore on their own, GPS My City is a great way to enjoy city walking tours. There is a free version and the annual paid version is less than the cost of one excursion.

Take care when booking excursions with outside vendors. Viator is a wonderful site for finding all kinds of tours, but be sure you are back to the ship in plenty of time. You don’t want to miss the ship, that would put a wrinkle in your world cruise adventure.

Onboard Activities

Cooking Class

Things to consider when you are booking a world cruise. Each of us has a cruise ship ranking. Some of mine are listed below.

  • Does the ship have laundry service and/or washing machines?
  • Is there a fitness center?
  • Are there specialty restaurants?
  • What is the Wi Fi availability?
  • How many days are you at sea?
  • How many ports of call?
  • Is there transportation to the city center from the port?
  • What special hidden gems does the cruise ship offer?
  • Is there a salon/spa onboard?
  • Are there children allowed on the cruise ship?
  • Are there mixers to meet new friends on your journey?
  • What are the at sea days entertainment?
  • Can you have late night stays in town when the ship docks overnight?
  • What is the mix of small towns and big cities?

Travel Essentials

frequent travelers must have gift ideas
Colorful Luggage

You fill find that colorful luggage should be one of your top travel purchases. Also, you will find my list of favorite Travel Essentials full of me-tested items and ideas for your world cruise vacation getaway.

Air Tags, Not Just For Your Luggage!


Sailing Away

Get out and enjoy around the world cruises and grand voyages while you are still in your GoGo Years. It is a relaxing and enjoyable way to see the world.

Happy Travels,


The information provided here is an overview of types of adventures available. Travel With Sandi does not endorse certain tours or adventures — each individual should choose based on their personal taste and physical abilities. As always, be safe, be aware of your surroundings, tread carefully, and keep your valuables hidden.


World Cruises

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  1. Cruising really does sound addictive! With so many incredible itineraries and types of ships to choose from, it’s easy to see why one cruise is never enough . I love the idea of exploring the world by sea, and it’s comforting to know there are endless options for future adventures. Thanks for fueling my wanderlust—can’t wait to start planning my next cruise!

  2. I’ve never been on a cruise, but I’d love to see Antarctica on one, it looks wonderful! Hopefully one day! Thanks for sharing!

  3. A few months ago, I went on my first cruise and it was an incredible experience! You are so right, it becomes addicting after the first. I’m already planning my next one with friends to explore. I’m definitely going to save this adding to my bucket list. Thank you so much for this list!

  4. I’ve been on four cruises, and all were memorable and extremely enjoyable. I highly recommend Alaska and Hawaiian cruises. My next cruise will be to the Mediterranean. Thanks to your recommendation, I’ll be going in the Spring.

  5. Excellent guide to world cruises! This was such a sweet surprise to read this and your guidance is perfect. I sure need to get out and cruise a little. Thanks for the ideas!

  6. This is a great post! I have only been on short cruises, but a world cruise is on my bucket list someday after I retire!

  7. I thought I was not ready for a cruise but I think I am. I am in Europe, so the Mediterian one sound feasible and nice. Do you think, that these are suitable for families?

    1. It depends on the cruise line. On Oceania there is nothing for kids. Depending on the age of the kids, Viking or Disney might be more family friendly. Happy sailing!