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Henry Morrison Flagler Museum

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Palm Beach Gilded Age Mansion, Whitehall

The Henry Morrison Flagler Museum is the historic house of Henry Morrison Flager. Built in the Gilded Age of extravagant mansions, Whitehall is an extraordinary architectural masterpiece nestled on the water in Palm Beach, Florida.

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Completed in 1902, this grand home was built with state-of-the-art technology; electricity, central heat, telephones, and indoor plumbing. Flagler built the winter residence as a wedding present for his third wife, Mary Lily Kenan Flagler. At the time of their wedding, Henry Flagler was 72 years old and Mary Lily Kenan was only 34.


Flagler Museum
Flagler Museum’s Grand Staircase

The grand staircase is built to impress. The marble stairs showcase Flagler’s wealth and importance with an understated elegance.

Grand Ballroom

Flagler Museum
Flagler Museum’s Grand Ballroom

Imagine receiving a coveted invitation to a lavish soiree in Whitehall’s Grand Ballroom. Parties were the reason socialites and aristocrats flocked to Palm Beach for the social season each year.

Music Room

Flagler Museum
Flagler Museum’s Music Room

The Music Room showcases paintings from the Flagler art collection, including a portrait of Mary Lily. Guests would gather for evening entertainment and social events.


Flagler Museum
Flagler Museum’s Library

The dark Library, decorated in the Italian Renaissance style, was Flagler’s domain. He used this space to greet and meet with business associates. The room is filled with masterpieces and wonderful artwork.

Billiard Room

Flagler Museum
Flagler Museum’s Billard Room

Gentlemen would gather in the Billard Room for a game and conversation. You would guess many business deals were conducted with a cue stick in hand.

Central Courtyard

Flagler Museum
Flagler Museum’s Central Courtyard

The center courtyard is one of my favorite spots. Encased by the home and filled with lush green plants, it would be a wonderful spot for a party. The center has a marble fountain inspired by Giovanni de Bologna’s Venus fountain in the Boboli Gardens in Florence.

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Dining Room

Flagler Museum
Flagler Museum’s Dining Room

The opulent French Renaissance style Dining Room beckons you to sit and enjoy a sumptuous repast. The room’s golden tones must be dazzling with soft lighting and flowing wine.

Breakfast Room

Flagler Museum
Flagler Museum’s Breakfast Room

The charming Breakfast Room, where everyday meals were served, was inspired by the State Dining Room in Warwick Castle, England. The perfect spot to dine on a breakfast of coffee, bacon, and eggs.

Bedrooms In The Flagler Museum

Entertaining is at the heart of this 75-room Beaux-Arts palace. Overnight guests could choose from a colorful array of stunning guest rooms, 14 in all.

Main Bedroom And Bath

Flagler Museum
Flagler Museum’s Master Bathroom

Shimmering with golden fabrics, wallpaper, and furnishings, the Master Bedroom is a showcase of wealth. The Louis XV style room has two separate dressing rooms and a modern bathroom.

The Colonial Chamber

Flagler Museum
Flagler Museum’s Colonial Chamber

The Colonial Chamber is the largest guest bedroom, decorated in bright red and soft cream.

Blue Room

Flagler Museum
Flagler Museum’s Blue Room

The Blue Room has a masculine feel with the striped wallpaper and various shades of blue.

Green Room

Flagler Museum
Flagler Museum’s Green Room

In contrast, the Green Room with its floral paper and soft green hues is decidedly more feminine.

Time For A Palm Beach Getaway

Flagler Museum
Flagler Museum’s Music Room 2

A visit to Henry Morrison Flagler Museum with a self-guided tour, is an enjoyable way to spend a quiet afternoon in Palm Beach. The Flagler Museum is open to the public and requires an entrance fee.

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Flagler Museum

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