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Ten Years A Nomad Book Review

A Traveler’s Journey Home

I picked up my copy of Matt Kepnes’ new book at the final TravelCon in Memphis in 2022. TravelCon was a fabulous conference for making contacts and inspiring travel writers to do more, see more, and be more. There were lots of tears at the end, and the conference will surely be missed. This “Ten Years A Nomad A Traveler’s Journey Home” book review is my personal nod to Matt and his ability to capture your attention as a bestselling writer and travel junkies icon.

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Ten Years a Nomad: A Traveler’s Journey Home

Ten Years A Nomad: A Traveler’s Journey Home is broken down into 13 unique chapters. Each highlighting the twists and turns of Matt’s ten year long trip on the road. They tell of his most poignant encounters, and his struggle to find his personal version of home. It is a synopsis of Matt Kepnes adventures abroad.

From Chapter 1 – Stepping Out The Door, through The Planning, Life As An Expat, Love On The Road, Burning Out, and, finally Chapter 13 – Home, Kepnes encourages readers to join him as he discovers what the world can teach us about life and love.

Readers Plotting Trips And Your Own Adventures

As a travel writer, I often day dream of traveling when I am at home living my day-to-day routine. I feel I am fighting off the constant travel itch. When I am on the road, I embrace the travel bug; but struggle to keep the balance between exploring and documenting.

A well traveled person doesn’t need to explore all the world, they simply need to begin a journey. The adventure can be across town, within their state, a cross country road trip, or a global exploration. Plotting my own adventures altered the way I interact with travel.

Nomadic Matt’s Planning Philosphy

In Chapter 4 – The Planning, Nomadic Matt states about planning, “We absorb what is most important to us about travel and exploration as pursuits worthy unto themselves, so that when we land on terra incognita, and the bus is late or the hostel is full or the border is closed, we know what to do. The road is about learning to let go of all our plans, no matter how large or small, so we can grab hold of those serendipitous moments that turn into lifelong memories.”

As I write this review, I am in South Lake Tahoe. It is late February and we are here so my hubby can ski Heavenly Mountain. As I sit in my cozy room at the Marriott’s Timber Lodge I am carefully watching the blizzard coming our way. We plan to fly out in two days, and the expected snowfall in the next three days is 2-3 feet. We have to drive through the Sierra Nevada Mountains to get to our flight out of Reno. I can tell you, we are changing plans, researching options, and also just taking a deep breath. We are expecting to stay in the beautiful area another day or two. This is how the best laid plans go ary. Maybe someday I will write my own travel memoir — who knows.

Travel Enthusiasts

Travel Enthusiasts will love reading about Matt’s extended travel stories. As a New York Times bestselling author, his possesses the subtle art of sharing his self discovery. Perhaps after some serious self reflection, you will assess your everyday life and consider becoming a dedicated wanderer. Hard won experience in our own life can be the road map to a our own story.

Who is the most well traveled person you know? Where is you next adventure? What corner of the earth speaks to your nomad mindset? Is it time to break free of the day-to-day routine? Matthew Kepnes’ aspirational stories and travel tips maybe just the thing to get you started. Will you be logging 500,000 miles 1,000 hostels like Kepnes, probably not. But you could be telling unrivaled and never fails to amaze stories to your friends and fellow travelers.

How To Travel The World On $50 A Day

Matt Kepnes best selling How To Travel The World On $50 A Day has been recently revised and expanded. Traveling the world for $50 a day now might be a challenge. But the unconventional person might give it a try. Even traveling at $100 a day would be a good living life to explore the world.

Just A Little Taste Of Nomadic Travel

The inspiring memoir, Ten Years A Nomad A Traveler’s Journey Home takes readers long for the bumpy ride navigating the emotional journey of a nomadic experience. Matt inspires us to travel around the world, travel curious, and create our own travel manifesto. Whether you visit a foreign country or a trip just a gas tank away from home, you will find your favorite stories when you venture out and explore.

Lost in the journey,



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  1. I hadn’t of this book so thanks for sharing! It would be a great gift for my sister who loves, like LOVES traveling!

  2. Great review of Ten Years A Nomad! I have been looking for a new book to read and after checking out your review I’ll be adding this to my short list. I traveled a lot for work when I was younger and had a semi-nomadic lifestyle but not quite as intense as this one sounds…so I am looking forward to getting a hold of this book.

    1. Thank you for sharing your review of Ten Years A Nomad. It sounds like a great book! I have an extensive “to be read” list so I’ll be adding this to it.

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