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Goat Yoga In New York

Get Ready For Baby Goat Cuteness

Rolling verdant hills support ribbon like roads as they meander through bucolic upstate New York. Family farms dot the hillside with quintessential red barns and sprawling cow pastures. In the village of Gilbertsville is one such farm where the four-legged inhabitants engage and entertain guests with their fun-filled, crazy antics. Goat yoga at first seems a little incongruous; playful baby goats climbing on you while guests practice poses on their yoga mats.

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Glamping And Goat Yoga On The Farm

Goat Yoga
Gilbertsville Farm

I recently visited Gilbertsville Farm for a weekend of luxury glamping and goat yoga. Not your traditional yoga experience, you may discover your yoga mat has tiny goat hooves print stamped across the surface.

Goat Yoga Classes

Goat Yoga
Making Friends

Do you practice yoga in themed classes — yes, but you may find you are having too much fun playing with the goats than to perfect your key yoga poses. Your yoga instructor will do their best to keep the class on track, but the adorable baby goats definitely steal the show. Yoga with goats will challenge your balance in a way you never expected. Standing poses are easy, but once your hit the mat for floor poses, you will be instantly covered with a throng of tiny hooves.

While downward dog allows all the baby goats a chance to nibble on your ponytail and climb your back; child’s pose will have them honing their climbing skills over your head and along your spine. You will spend the entire class making lots of new friends — two and four legged — as the little animals jump from friend to friend looking for the best height.

Glamping On The Farm

Goat Yoga
Luxury Glamping

Glamping at Gilbertsville Farm is a major part of the charm of your goat yoga adventure. The platform tents have cozy comfy beds, chandeliers, bureaus, and all the “hotel” amentities you could want in an getaway stay. A front porch with adirondack chairs is the perfect spot to wind down and sink into the relaxing camping vibe without having to lift a finger.

Select tents even offer the epitome of a glamping experience — a private bathroom attached to your tent!

Dining On The Farm

Goat Yoga
Dinner Is Served

The all-inclusive weekend at Gilbertsville Farm includes a barnhouse dinner. From appetizer to dessert, the artfully crafted cuisine is delicious. Each beautifully plated dish is visually stunning and sumptuous.

Goat Yoga
Breakfast for two

An in-tent coffee maker with all the fixin’s waits for your morning cup while a golf card delivers a basket filled with freshly baked muffins, breakfast sandwiches, and other goodies to your front porch. It is an amazing way to start your day.

Yoga Essentials

Goat Yoga

The leading name in yoga essentials is Gaiam. You don’t need a lot of equipment to get started on a yoga program, but you do need a good mat. Gaiam Yoga Mat is one of the best mats on the market.

If you need extra cushioning for your knees, I use a rolled up towel.

Beginners also may need Yoga blocks. They give an added assist when you need to modify or support a pose.

2024 Baby Goat Yoga Gift Certificates

Goat Yoga

Add in the code “santa2023” when you book your weekend at Gilbertsville Farmhouse for a fabulous goat yoga adventure. It is a unique experience that everyone should try atleast once in their lifetime. A bucket list item for me, however some of the guests we encountered return to snuggle and practice yoga poses with cute baby goats year after year.

Baby Goats And Yoga – Genius

Goat Yoga

Hitting the mat for baby goat yoga classes will have you laughing so hard you won’t be able to hold your pose. Yoga is great for strength and balance, the laughter instigated by baby goats will put you in a good mood for days.

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Goat Yoga

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  1. This looks like the coolest trip!! I have heard of goat yoga before, but I’ve never read about it. I enjoyed learning more about it and seeing the pictures!

  2. This looks amazing! I’ve always wanted to try goat yoga or something called cat yoga! Animals and a relaxing exercise like yoga are just what the doctor ordered!