Ron del Barrilito Tour
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Ron del Barrilito Rum Tour

Ron del Barrilito tour

[Barrel Room, Ron del Barrilito, Bayamón, PR, November 2022]

I recently had the pleasure of touring the Ron del Barrilito rum facility and enjoy a tasting experience. It is less than a 30 minute drive from San Juan to Bayamón and the Hacienda Santa Ana estate. Built on a rich history of handmade craftsmanship, Ron del Barrilito rum is made in small batches the same way it was made in the past. The Ron del Barrilito tour was enlightening.

Rum has not been a goto libation for me, I am a bourbon girl. However, I have never tasted an exceptional rum, until this tour. The Barrilito Old Fashioned surprised me, it was smooth and delicious.

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Hacienda Santa Ana Heritage Tour

Ron del Barrilito Tour

[Tower, Ron del Barrilito, Bayamón, PR, November 2022]

There are several interesting tours offered at the Hacienda Santa Ana, the home of Ron del Barrilito Rum. The Heritage Tour takes you through the facility and grounds where you explore the history of the craftsmanship of the oldest Puerto Rican rum on the island. ron del Barrilito has been making rum at this facility since 1880

The Stars Tasting

Ron del Barrilito tour

[Tasting, Ron del Barrilito, Bayamón, PR, November 2022]

I highly recommend the Tasting Tour, you can sit, relax, sip, and explore the flavors and nuances of the five different rums produced by Ron del Barrilito. Ranked by stars, One Star up to the limited edition Five Stars, each batch has its own properties and recommended uses.

The biggest seller is the classic Three Stars rum which you can find across the island and in select outlets in the US. The Five Stars — aged for 35 years — sells for around $1,000 a bottle. I have never tasted a rum so smooth, rich, and flavorful.

With the Tasting Tour you also enjoy the Heritage Tour and a handcrafted cocktail at the bar.

The House Cocktails

Ron del Barrilito Tour

[Smoking Drink Glass, Ron del Barrilito, Bayamón, PR, November 2022]

Smoking a fine run adds a depth of flavor and notes to your cocktail that makes it unique.

Enjoying a libation at the Ron del Barrilito bar and socializing with other rum lovers visiting the hacienda is a fun way to end your visit.

You will find a list of cocktails with mixology instructions including the Barrilito Old Fashioned, a riff on a Mojito — the Barrijito, and a classic Piña Colada.

Excellent Puerto Rican Rum

Ron del Barrilito tour

[Barrilito Old Fashioned, Ron del Barrilito, Bayamón, PR, November 2022]

The next time you visit the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, carve out time for a visit to the Hacienda Santa Ana for Ron del Barrilito tour. Book the Tasting Tour and explore the sugar cane crafted nectar.

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Ron del Barrilito Tour


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