Miller Petite Sirah Review

Miller Petite Sirah Review

F. stephen miller angels reserve lodi petite sirah

Several months ago, we opened our first bottle of the 2019 Lodi Petite Sirah. I served it with steak and potatoes, a good Saturday-night-at-home meal. My Miller Petite Sirah review in a nut shell: the boldness of the wine was a perfect match for the meal. It was smooth and soft on the palate and provided a dark fruity flavor. It would pair great with a sharp cheese, hearty nuts, and great conversation.

Of course, a good red wine should be chilled about 20 minutes before opening. Let this wine breath a bit, another 20 minutes, before enjoying a glass with friends.

It’s not often I purchase several bottles of a wine after tasting it, but the Miller Lodi Petite Sirah is on the list every time I order more wine.

F. Stephen Miller

Stephen has been making wines for almost 40 years. He told Nakedwines “I really try to make each wine an accurate reflection of what was special with the vineyards that year! Really I try to make honest wines that are easy to appreciate while maintaining varietal integrity for the region they originate from.  They are drinking  friendly.”

Lodi’s wine

Miller Petite Sirah Review

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F. Stephen Miller’s Angel Reserve Petite Sirah is from the Lodi Appellation in California. About 60 miles east of Napa Valley sits Lodi, home to 100 year old vines that produce earthy grapes with a smoky and fruity essence.

Coupon offer

I have the opportunity to share a $100 off coupon good for new customers to Try your first case at a steep discount with this coupon. If you love exploring wines, you will be hooked.

Their service brings more unique wines to the public, dubbed their “Angels.” This gives the vintners a much wider marketing reach and allows them to keep producing great wines.

As a Naked Wines Angel, you will be helping small vineyards move forward with your monthly subscription and you receive a free bottle of wine in your account every order month.

When I opened my first case from, I was expecting to see lots of young wines that were still in the aging process. That, however, was not the case. These wines are full bodied and ready to enjoy.

Akiyoshi chardonnay
Well packaged and fun to open!

Here is what I know about wine. Everyone’s palate is different. We all have our own preferred tastes. The opinions expressed here are mine alone. I’m just a girl who loves wine.

Chardonnay Wine Review
Cork by

Hope you enjoyed this Miller Petite Sirah Review.

p.s. If you enjoy wine and wine reviews visit this reivew of the Gloria Ferrer Vineyards.

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