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Fairbanks Alaska — Take A Walk Through The Boreal Forest With Frisky Reindeer

A stroll through the boreal forest is more than just a nature walk. It is a fun adventure when you are joined by a dozen cavorting reindeer friends. A joyful stroll through the woods with reindeer antics will be the highlight of your visit to Fairbanks, Alaska. The four legged hosts at Running Reindeer Ranch are a silly lot ready to make you joyously giddy.

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Before The Reindeer Walk

Running Reindeer Ranch

Guests are seated near the corral as a wrangler imparts a short history of the ranch and the rules of reindeer interaction. Slowly, reindeer are released from their pens and sidle up to seated guests. With a getting to know you nibble or sniff lets you know they are interested in you too. Their breath tickling your neck is simultaneously fun and spine tingling.

Once two and four legged walkers are well acquainted, the rangers round up everyone for a walk in the woods. It is challenging on the uneven terrain to keep your footing and watch the adorable beasts bounding in the forest. We were fortunate to visit in May, when the babies were big enough to join in. Their charming antics, running in and out of trees playing chase with their little friends was a joy to experience.

When dad joined in the chase — a 500 pound antlered reindeer running full speed through a dense birch forest — we keep our distance. It is a little scary, but a breathtakingly awesome sight. A case of happy, energetic Zoomies is always a joy to behold.

Petting A Reindeer

Running Reindeer Ranch

Always in search of food, the reindeer will stop for a momentary petting. But only for a fleeting moment, then they off on another exuberant reindeer run through the woods.

Visitors are delighted to que up for individual photos with one of the enormous reindeer. Holding the lead of such a large animal is slightly unnerving. We were advised, if he wants to take off, let him go. Excellent advice! I can imagine what it would be like to be dragged, feet flying in the air, by such a powerful and determined animal. They are not a family pet, but herd minded, domesticated farm animals.

As you finish your loop at Running Reindeer Ranch and turn back towards the corral, the reindeer scamper downhill weaving in and out of guests and trees. They are simply joyful creatures who love scamping through their forest home.

Reindeer Walk Through The Boreal Forest

The treasure that is Running Reindeer Ranch began with Ruby and Moon, the first pair of barnyard hosts. They were the beginning of the walking with the reindeer adventure.

I hope you enjoy my Postcard from Running Reindeer Ranch!

The Boreal Forest

Running Reindeer Ranch
Alaska’s Boreal Map – Alaska Department of Fish and Game

According to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, “Boreal forest is the largest terrestrial ecosystem on Earth, covering some 11% of land area on the planet.

In Alaska, boreal forest is found in the Interior lands between the Brooks Range in the north and the Coast Range in the south. At higher elevations within the broad range of the boreal forest ecosystem are pockets of alpine tundra vegetation, and along the margins of its range, it intergrades with lowland or arctic tundra.”

So Much Fun With Reindeer Friends

Running Reindeer Ranch

If you find yourself visiting Fairbanks, don’t miss this wonderful adventure at Running Reindeer Ranch. You will have an amazing time during your magical walk through the boreal forest. Cavorting with reindeer is a unique experience to add to your bucket list.

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Running Reindeer Ranch


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  1. The Running Reindeer Ranch is such a unique experience. And interesting to learn that the boreal forest covers so much land on our planet.

  2. This sounds so weird but I would to meet a reindeer! I’ve never met one before in person and I’ve always loved them. Their antlers are gorgeous and look so soft.