Massachusetts in spring
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11 Things To Do In Massachusetts In Spring

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Time To Get Outside, Shake Off Your Winter Coat, And Celebrate Spring

Across Massachusetts spring begins with a muddy (even snowy) March and a somewhat rainy April. Mid-April through May the weather is more temperate, the sun is shining, flowers are blooming and everyone is shaking off winter cabin fever. Many Bay Staters look to leave their winter cocoon and enjoy the great outdoors as the temperature warms. Below are a few of my favorite outdoor activities for the whole family to enjoy in Massachusetts in spring — Mid April through late June.

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1. Fenway Park

Massachusetts in Spring
Fenway Park

Red Sox season begins with a bit of chill in March but quickly warms as the season progresses. If you don’t want to break the bank and experience the game with seats on the “Green Monster”, take a tour of the park. A Fenway Park Tour will take you through the oldest major league baseball park (1912).

Even if you aren’t a Boston Red Sox fan, a tour of Fenway Park will thrill all baseball fans.

2. Boston Marathon

Massachusetts in Spring

What better way to celebrate Patriot’s Day than watching the Boston Marathon. On Marathon Monday, viewers line the route from Hopkinton to Boston cheering on the 30,000 registered runners as they fill the streets with pounding sneakers.

According to there are some wonderful spots to view the Boston Marathon runners. Of course Heartbreak Hill and the Boylston Street finish line are two very popular viewing spots.

Keep in mind, parking can be a real issue; public transportation is a good option to enjoy the Marathon Monday festivities and special events.

3. Whale Watch

Massachusetts in spring

Off the coast of Massachusetts between Cape Ann and Cape Cod is Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary, a premier underwater park. A perfect whale watching destination, you may see Blue Whale, Fin Whale, Sei Whale, Long-Finned Pilot Whale, Common Minke Whale, and Orca (Killer Whale). Also a wide range of Dolphins visit the Bank including White Bearded, Bottlenose, White Sided, and Common Dolphins.

Cape Ann Whale Watch

On the north shore, you can sail out on a glorious day of whale watching. After you have wandered around Gloucester for a bit, spend a few hours on a Whale Watching Tour.

Plymouth Harbor

If you are visiting the south shore, Plymouth is the perfect spot to get out on the water and search for whales. Hop aboard Captain John Boats whale watch expedition for a wonderful day on the high seas.

Pro Tip: Tours start mid to late in April. Dress warmly, a hat and gloves are highly recommended.

4. Freedom Trail

Massachusetts in Spring
Ganary Burying Ground

Walking around the historic area of Boston brings the American Revolution into clear focus. You can explore the 2.5 mile walk on your own. For a more indepth experience join a Freedom Trail Tour where your local guide will bring Boston’s history alive with fun stories and interesting quips.

5. Old Sturbridge Village

There is no shortage of Early American history in Massachusetts. When you explore a living museum, you are thrust into the life and times of early settlers. Chat with costumed role players as they regale you with stories of their day-to-day Colonial lifestyle.

Spring is a wonderful time to visit Old Sturbridge Village. In springtime, the 1830’s village is filled with the arrival of baby animals, muster days, sheep shearing, and more farm focused activities. As you journey down the central Old Sturbridge village road, you are transported back to a simpler life when the arrival of spring flowers and planting time was a welcome calendar change.

6. Plimoth Patuxet And The Mayflower II

Visiting the colony where it all began at Plimoth Patuxet is a living history lesson. As the plantation opens each spring — lovely weather warms the garden soil and historical residents get ready for the steady stream of visitors.

7. New England Botanic Garden

Massachusetts in spring

Nothing says spring more than a field of bright yellow daffodils. At the New England Botanic Garden at Tower Hill in Boylston you can wonder at the carpet of over 25,000 stunning daffodils. First planted in 1991, the display heralds the arrival of spring unlike any other event.

Some species bloom as early as the first week in April, while the most showy display is typically between the third week in April and the first week of May. A visit to the New England Botanic Garden is a fun outing for the whole family.

Pro Tip: To time a perfect peak viewing visit, stay tuned to their Facebook page.

8. Boston Public Garden And Boston Common

Massachusetts in Spring
Boston Public Garden

A bright sunny spring day in Boston is a wonderful gift after the gray of winter. Starting in early April, crocus and daffodils show off their bright yellow and deep purple hues enchanting passersby. As the days become warmer, stately tulips, azaleas, and a variety of other blooming plants enhance a stroll through the Boston Public Garden alive with spring flowers. The juxtaposition of the delicate flowers and towering Boston skyline makes the spring season experience even more enchanting.

While you are in the area, visit the Boston Common, home to interesting sculptures and memorials including “The Embrace,” a memorial honoring Dr. Martin Luther and Coretta Scott King, “Brewer Fountain,” “Soldiers and Sailors Monument,” and more.

For a true Boston tourist experience, embark on a Swan Boat ride. The Swan Boats begin their on-the-water tours in mid-April.

9. deCordova Sculpture Park And Museum

Plan to spend a few hours at the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum in Lincoln. The modern outdoor sculptures are set off with a panorama of natural green. It is a beautiful way to experience contemporary sculptures while strolling through a springtime outdoor setting. Your self guided walking tour through this amazing place filled with massive art installations is a perfect afternoon outing for art lovers.

10. Fruitlands Museum

Massachusetts in spring
Fruitlands Museum

Tucked away in bucolic Harvard is a historic utopian village preserved for guests enjoyment, the Fruitlands Museum. You can walk the grounds, stroll one of the trails, enjoy their art museum, and historic home tours. The late 19th century transcendentalist community was an experiment in self-reliant, subsistence farming. Sadly, it lasted only seven short months, however it left intact all rolling hills and dirt roads, for us to enjoy and explore.

11. Minute Man National Park

Massachusetts in Spring

The American Revolution comes to life at Minute Man National Park.

During the month of April, the park is host to wonderful events commemorating the battles that started our road to independence. The Battle Road living history event is a signature event. Costumed volunteers act out the conflict between Colonial Minutemen and British soldiers as they struggle to maintain a stronghold.

Other events include the search of Colonel James Barrett’s house, a dramatic “shot heard round the world” at the North Bridge, and a 5 mile immersive Battle Road trail hike. Rangers and volunteers regale visitors with stories of heroism and bravery as the fight for freedom began in the fields and farms of Concord and Lexington.

Massachusetts in Spring

Massachusetts in Spring
“The Embrace”

Northshore, Southshore, the Berkshires, Boston, and across central Massachusetts, spring’s promise of warmer weather brings locals and visitors outdoors for fresh air in search of fun things to do. Whether you are warmed by an early June stroll through beautiful gardens or a mid May nature walk enjoying quality time with your besties, The Bay State is a wonderful spot to spend time outside in the spring season.

Exploring Massachusetts in spring and all the seasonal special events, before the summer crowds descend, is the perfect way to throw off the mantel of winter cold and embrace the bright New England sunshine.

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Massachusetts in spring


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  1. I just loved reading about things to do in Massachusetts in the Spring! You have so many great ideas…and I have always wanted to visit the state since I was a child. Will definitely need to make this dream a reality soon and take my two teens (who are just as fascinated with New England as I am). I will be bookmarking this blog for future travel ideas!

  2. Great list of the top 11 things to do in Massachusetts this spring. Love Freedom Trail and all the historical sites especially.