9 Best Things to to in Winter Park Colorado
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9 Best Things To Do In Winter Park Colorado

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Winter Park, one of the prettiest, mid-size ski resorts in Colorado. The drive up the mountain offers breathtaking views of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Winter Park and nearby Fraser are surrounded by the Arapaho National Forest, so you can expect stunning vistas, along with switchbacks and a few hairpin turns on the ride to the village. Below you will find my list of the best things to do in Winter Park Colorado.

Once at the village base, take the complimentary lift to the shopping village and mountain lifts. You will love spending a day or several at Winter Park Resort.

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1. Skiing And Snowboarding At Winter Park Resort

Best Things To Do In Winter Park Colorado

Hands down, hitting some of the 171 trails is one of the best things to do in Winter Park, Colorado. Serviced by 28 lifts, you can reach the 12,060 foot summit with ease. The elevation at the base is a breathtaking 9,000 feet, you should expect nothing less from a Colorado ski resort.

Pro Tip: Altitude sickness and shortness of breath can affect anyone at any time. Be prepared, drink plenty of water and take it easy if you start feeling dizzy. Altitude sickness when you are this high above sea level should not be taken lightly.

with the varied terrain — including satisfying corduroy, backcountry skiing, and a run for every level of skier — Winter Park Resort is perfect for the entire gang.

2. Ride The Gondola For Free

Best Things To Do In Winter Park Colorado

Skiers, of course, will enjoy all the panoramic views with the purchase of their lift tickets. Non-skiers can still experience stunning views of the Rocky Mountains and the Fraser Valley on a free Gondola ride. The lift is free for non-skiers after 4 p.m. on weekends.

Take a ride up, meet up with your ski enthusiasts, breathe in the fresh mountain air, and snap a few photos to share. The five minute ride will feel like an eternity floating about the snow covered trees and slopes.

3. Snow Tubing at Coca-Cola® Tube Hill

Best Things To Do In Winter Park Colorado

The Coca-Cola® Tube Park is a series of groomed tube runs down a sloping hill at the base of the Winter Park Resort. Family groups and vacationing besties will love zipping down the tube hill. Don’t worry about the climb back up, you simply jump on the clear covered conveyor belt for a relaxing ride back to the top. Allowing you to save all your energy for every snow tubing fun run.

Winter Park now offers Cosmic Tubing — something new and exciting. Neon lights brighten your path as you skim the tubing hill under the cover of darkness. Cosmic Tubing is offered on select nights throughout the season.

4. Ride A Snowcat On Winter Park Mountain

Just for the experience, you need to take a scenic snowcat adventure. From the warmth of the cab watch the snowy mountain landscape pass by as you rumble along for an exciting ride. Climbing into one of these behemoths is a challenge, but the rolling view is worth the effort.

5. Snowmobile

Zip along the Continental Divide with Grand Adventures on an exciting snowmobile tour. Riders will enjoy breathtaking views of Winter Park and the Fraser River Valley from about 12,000 feet. Everyone from beginners to expert snowmobilers will enjoy these Winter Park area tours.

6. Snowshoe Around Winter Park Resort

Best Things To Do In Winter Park Colorado

I love snowshoeing. I even own my own snowshoe equipment and get my daily steps in just tromping around in the snow. Sometimes I even make paths in the backyard so my pup can get some exercise too.

I digress, there are great snowshoeing options at Winter Park. Winter Park Guides offer several different tour options including a sunset snowshoe tour. This one is definitely on my to do list for my next Winter Park Resort visit.

7. Hot Springs

For the weary bones of powder hounds, Hot Sulphur Springs offers a soothing bath of relaxation. The water at the springs comes from 7 different flows down the mountain, through the 15 pools at the springs and then on to the Colorado River. With no chemicals added and a gravity fed water flow, you can rest assured that Mother Nature herself would enjoy a warm cozy dip in one of the pools.

8. Ice Skating At Winter Park Resort

Best Things To Do In Winter Park Colorado

Right in the center of everything on the outdoor Village Pond is the ice skating rink. Bring your own skates or rent, it is a fun way to take in the spectacular surrounding area with views of the mountains and village.

The kiddos will love using the newbie skater assisting seals helping them motor along the ice rink.

9. Shopping At The Village In Winter Park Resort

Best Things To Do In Winter Park Colorado

You will love browsing the shops in the village. Burton, North Face, The Shirt Off My Back, and others will have you decked out in equipment and togs for the perfect day on the slopes.

Where To Stay In Winter Park Resort

Best Things To Do In Winter Park Colorado

With over 30 different accommodation options in Winter Park, you will easily find one that fits your style and budget.

Onsite properties include the Vintage Hotel, Parry Peak Lofts, Fraser Crossing, and Zephyr Mountain Lodge. Other options can be found in downtown Winter Park and Fraser.

Where To Eat In Winter Park Resort

Best Things To Do In Winter Park Colorado

Depending on where you are when the hangries strike, you have lots of great dining options.

At the base of the slopes where the Gondola lines form is Moffat Market. This is always filled with downhillers at lunch time. It is the best spot to grab a slice or a burger to refuel before heading back out. One caveat — it is upstairs — not the best design for people in ski boots — so tread carefully.

If you find yourself up on the top of Mary Jane – Lunch Rock is the place to see and be seen. And the views, well they are spectacular.

Goodys Mountain Creperie and the Waffle Cabin are always popular spots. Ready to satisfy your Winter Park carb loading needs all day long. The Pizza Pedal’r and Lime are two other great dining options in the Winter Park base village.

You Will Love Winter Park Ski Resort, Colorado

Best Things To Do In Winter Park Colorado

If you love exploring ski slopes in Colorado and have never visited Winter Park Mountain, now is the time to plan a Rocky Mountain high adventure. There are lots of fun things to do besides skiing and soaking in hot tubs at Winter Park. When you are ready to enjoy the best things to do in Winter Park, Colorado, make sure you have the warmest outerwear and ski wear available — LL Bean is my top choice. You will find your adventure much more enjoyable when you are comfy cozy.

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9 Best Things to to in Winter Park Colorado


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