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Prati Food Tour

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Rome’s Prati District — Delicious Nibbles On A Culinary Tour For Foodies

My favorite way to explore a new-to-me area is on food tours. Food tour guides are typically knowledgeable about the local cuisine, of course, but also the area’s history. They know their neighborhood and the people that make it special. Rome is one of those amazing cities where you can eat your way through time with each area imparting a unique perspective. This neighborhood was new for me so booking a Prati food tour was top on my to do list. It was delicious, fun, and interesting. Andiamo!

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La Nicchia Cafè

Prati Food Tour
Trio of Bruschetta at La Nicchia Cafè

We were staying across from the Pantheon and it was a quick taxi ride to Prati. La Nicchia Cafè is a treasure trove of gourmet items from across the regions of Italy. On our bruschetta, we were happy to discover sun-dried tomatoes from Sicily, pesto from Liguria, and olive oil from Puglia. We nibbled on fine regional cheeses, sumptuous truffles from Piedmont, and exceptional aged balsamic from Reggio Emilia.

Throughout the tasting we enjoyed sipping a rich and robust Italian wine

Paciotti Salumeria

Prati food tour
Paciotti Salumeria

The amazing showcase of fine Italian products at Paciotti Salumeria is deliciously overwhelming. Copious amounts of cured meats hang from every free space. The counter is crowded with uncious cheese options — two a day for a month and you might make through them all.

The family owned salumeria houses a treasure trove of tasty delicacies that will send a foodie into a mouthwatering state of blissful repast. Locals love shopping here, they create delicious and artful dishes using the exceptional ingredients purchased at this treasured shop.

Pope Francis is a fan and his personal note to Stephano Paciotti is prominently placed in the front window.

Bonci Pizzarium

Prati food tour
Bonci Pizzarium Pizza Showcase

Gabriele Bonci, the Pizza Maestro, is the esteemed chef of the famed Romany-style Pizza al Taglio. His Bonci Pizzarium in Rome is a mecca for pizza aficionados including the late, great Anthony Bourdain.

A layer of super light, airy crust, topped with a variety of local ingredients evolves into a sublime taste sensation. Each day, their pizza’s are crafted using the freshest toppings. However, you need to go with an open mind and pallet — once a pizza is sold out, it is gone for the day. Bonci’s iconic potato pizza is a mind-blowing eating experience.

The pizza is cut with scissors and sold by weight. How hungry are you? One slice? Two slices? Maybe three!

You don’t have to go to Rome to experience an amazing slice – Bonci Pizzarium has a location stateside in Chicago.

Il Segreto

Prati food tour
Il Segreto, Tonnarelli Cacio e Pepe

At Il Segreto we dined on one of my favorite Italian dishes, Tonnarelli Cacio e Pepe. Made with tonnarelli, a noodle slightly thicker than spaghetti and flat instead of round, the pecorino romano cheese clings to the pasta making every bite an explosion of flavor. The black pepper adds a contrasting spice to the cheese and wakes up your taste buds.

The menu at the newly minted Il Segreto menu is filled with stunning iconic dishes from Italy. From roasted octopus to grilled sirloin with truffles, it is a perfect Roman dining adventure.

Il Segreto is located close to the Vatican, perfect for a luxurious dinner after a day touring the Vatican Museums. It is one of those Italian restaurants you will go back to again and again.

Lemongrass Gelateria

Prati food tour
Lemongrass Gelateria, A Sweet Treat

Italian culinary tours are not complete without finishing with an exceptional gelato. At Lemongrass Gelateria you will find the real deal. Lemongrass crafts new Gelato flavors and the selection is the finest you will encounter on your Roman holiday.

In Italy, when you order gelato, you order two different flavors in one cone or cup. Pair Stracciatella with Dark Chocolate or Pistachio with Amarena for a sweet explosion of decadent dessert. My favorite pairing is Nicciola and Coconut, yum!

Vatican City To Prati

Saint Peter’s Square, Vatican City

Prati is within walking distance to Vatican City (around 30 minutes), if your feet are tired, a taxi takes about 10 minutes on a good day. The upscale foodie scene in Prati represents all the wonderful reasons to eat local. Italian cuisine is divine. Stop and share a meal with friends and family, it will be one of the highlights of your visit to Rome.

When you are visiting the Vatican, be sure to add the Sistine Chapel and climb the Dome — if you dare. One of the most popular tours I have taken, Vatican Combo Tour with Sistine Chapel & Dome Climb, is an excellent way to explore this unique city.

Culinary Tours

Prati food tour
Wine at Paciotti Salumeria

The world is a better place when you add in excellent food tours

The next time you visit Rome, you must experience a Prati food tour. We booked the The Roman Food Tour through Viator, it was seamless. If your karma is great, you will get Stefania as your guide. She has an in depth knowledgeable about Rome and the rich Italian cuisine culture.

Happy Travels,


PS: If you love food tours, consider this chocolate lovers food tour in Geneva — sweetly delicious.


Prati food tour

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  1. I love this post so much! I also believe that one of the best ways to experience a city is through its food scene. I’ll be visiting Rome in October, and will have to check this tour out!

  2. The food tour in the Rome’s Prati district sounds super interesting. Would love to book one when I visit Italy with my girlfriend.

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    Thanks for sharing!

  4. That ice cream cone looked delightful! I loved the food in Italy. I grew up in NJ and there was a lot of Italian food in the area but it pales in comparison to Italy.

  5. One of the things I love to do when I discover a country is to go on food tours and these all look so amazing

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