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21 Reasons To Visit Aruba

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Visit Aruba

The Aruba Effect is what keeps visitors coming back year after year. I spoke with several people who had been coming to their favorite spot on the island for decades, 10, 12, 17 plus years. It is for sure ‘One Happy Island.’ Aruba is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and it’s capital city Orangestad is named after the first King Willem van Oranje-Nassau. English is widely spoken throughout the island. It is time to visit Aruba.

“‘The Aruba Effect’ – an overwhelming sense of happiness that comes from being in one of the most naturally joyful places on Earth. And the best part? It stays with you long after you leave – a peaceful afterglow that will never fade.”

With a sultry tropical climate, constant trade winds, and its equatorial location, Aruba lies perfectly in the Caribbean Sea and joyously misses the hurricane belt. The official languages are Papiamento and Dutch, and most Arubans also speak English and Spanish.

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The White Sandy Beaches Of Aruba

Visit Aruba

A relaxing day sitting under thatched palapas on white sand beaches, while friendly waiters bring tall cool drinks is my idea of a fabulous vacation. Below are a few of the most popular beaches, there are many great options to explore on your Aruba vacation.

1. Druif Beach

Visit Aruba

Druif Beach is a stretch of gorgeous white Caribbean Sea beach where the Divi & Tamarijn Resorts are situated.

2. Eagle Beach

Visit Aruba

Eagle Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on Aruba – they are all gorgeous, but Eagle Beach is particularly beautiful. Clear blue waters where giant turtles swim and where island Divi Divi trees grace beautiful white sand are two of the best moments of Eagle Beach.

3. Palm Beach

Visit Aruba

All along Palm Beach you will find highrise hotels flaunting their beautiful pools, sunsoaked palapas, and beachside eateries.

Pro Tip: There is no shortage of beaches on Aruba. Other popular beaches include Baby Beach, Hadicurari Beach, and Surfside Beach. You can find a complete list of Aruba beaches for your toes-in-the-white sandy beaches enjoyment.


4. Arikok National Park

Visit Aruba

When you visit Arikok National Park you are transported from the lush, tropical island to a desert landscape. The change in topography from one side of the island to the other is striking. The best way to explore Arikok National Park is in a 4×4 Jeep Safari. Leave the driving to the professionals and sit back and enjoy the park’s natural pool and a secret Indian cave. You will love the bumpy ride — it is a thrill a minute.

5. Ride A UTV

Visit Aruba

The area adjacent to the national park is a topographical wonderland. The best way to explore this section of the island is with a you-drive, off-road Jeep Safari Tour. You will love driving over and around the rock formations and visiting all the fun spots on Aruba.

You can read all about my exciting UTV Ride at Travel Awaits – it was quite the ride!

6. Sail Away

Visit Aruba

Hop aboard a sleek catamaran for a sunset sail. Enjoy the most beautiful sunsets you have ever seen while enjoying a cocktail and feeling the cool tradewinds gently billowing the sails. One Aruba resident told me, “Every sunset on Aruba is different. I have a phone full of sunset photos and none of them are the same.” It is true, the sunsets are gorgeous.

7. Casinos

Visit Aruba

There are small casinos across the island where you can enjoy a night of gaming entertainment. Both the hotels have casino access. The Aruba Marriott Resorts & Stellaris Casino is on property and the Alhambra Casino is across the street from the Divi All-Inclusive.

8. Alto Vista Chapel

Visit Aruba

The Alto Vista Chapel is a sweet little church on the desert side of the island. Many of the Jeep tours will stop here for a quick visit — 10-15 minutes is more than long enough.

9. Aruba Aloe

Visit Aruba

The Aruba Aloe Aruba Aloe museum, factory, and store are located on the Aloe Farm site. The tour chronicles the agricultural shift to growing Aloe on Aruba which had a positive effect on the island’s economy when farmers began growing the restorative plant. It all began when Aloe was grown for its Latex (laxative) properties. Now, it is a popular natural skin care product.

Pro Tip: You can find lots of great Aloe products here — save room in your suitcase for take home.

10. Donkey Sanctuary

Kids will love the Donkey Sanctuary where you can practice the Dutch art of ‘koe knuffelen’ (cow hugging), with their friendly and loving cow substitutes — donkeys.

11. The Butterfly Farm

Another wonderful spot for the kids is The Butterfly Farm. Wander through the tropical marine garden and enjoy the beautiful butterflies.

12. Aruba Ostrich Farm

Ever want to play with a gigantic bird? Then you need to visit the Aruba Ostrich Farm. Learn about these interesting land birds and maybe even interact with one or several.

13 Bubali Bird Sanctuary

The Bubali Bird Sanctuary is a chance to get outdoors and spot some migratory shore birds. Climb the observation tower, binoculars will make the viewing more interesting, and see how many birds you can find.

Aruba’s Restaurants

14. The Lobby Bar

Visit Aruba
Hibiscus Margarita, Lobby Bar, Aruba Marriott Resort and Stellaris Casino, Noord

The Lobby Bar at the Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino offers guests delicious cocktails like the pictured Hibiscus Margarita. In the modern and chic bar you can nibble on fresh sushi and sashimi while you plan your evening adventures.

15. Eduardo’s Beach Shack

Visit Aruba

Wander down Palm Beach for a healthy breakfast treat at Eduardo’s Beach Shack. Rich and creamy smoothies, breakfast bowls loaded with all the good stuff, and raw food treats to fuel you up for a day at the beach.

16. The Pastechi House

Visit Aruba

The Pastechi House requires a little bit of work hunting it down. But, you will love the authentic pastechi’s — fried hand pies traditionally stuffed with beef, chicken, or cheese. You will find lots of options and combos here. The shop is not too far from the major shopping center and it’s a budget friendly locals favorite.

17. Lima Bistro

Visit Aruba

Lima Bistro offers elevated Peruvian cuisine Situated in the downtown Oranjestad. The water views from the patio area is a fun spot to meet up with friends and enjoy a fantastic dinner. The chef-driven specials are always an excellent choice.

18. Linda’s Dutch Pancakes

Visit Aruba

Dutch pancakes are large, flat, and covered with an assortment of sweet or savory goodies. Serving up delicious pancakes for over two decades, at Linda’s Dutch Pancakes you can order your pancake with everything from sliced bananas to brie cheese. It is a smorgasbord of pancake toppings.

Pro Tip: If you are thinking of Dutch Baby Pancakes, think again. These are thin and flat unlike a puffy Dutch Baby.

19. Atardi

Visit Aruba

Atardi is the perfect romantic island dinner setting. On the shores of Palm Beach, the pop-up restaurant appears like magic on the shoreline. Leave your shoes in the box by the front entrance and enjoy a sunset fine dining adventure. 

Where To Stay

20. Divi & Tamarijn Aruba All Inclusive

Visit Aruba

Divi & Tamarijn Aruba All Inclusive is a perfect beach resort when you love everything to be self-contained. The Divi All-Inclusive Resort emparts an Aaaaaah moment as soon as you enter the expansive, open-air lobby. No need to leave the property. It is also a fabulous option for family reunions and group vacations. Since everything is included you can avoid worrying about splitting the bill or arranging transportation.

Visit Aruba

The pools at the Divi are so inviting. When you are tired of sitting at the beach, you can grab a lounge chair in the water and leisurely dip your toes in the refreshing water.

Pro Tip: You do need on property dining reservations, particularly for a large group or during high season.

21. Marriott Stellaris Casino & Resort

Visit Aruba

A more adult friendly Aruba vacation is the Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino. The resort is located on Palm Beach delivering on the upscale, tropical vacation destination. Families, couples, and singles will love the resort’s amenities.

Enjoy a nap at a palapa by the beach, swim with the family at the main pool, or enjoy a quiet adult-only H2Oasis pool.

Pro Tip: Exclusive adult-only access to Tradewinds Club members, including a club lounge, private check in, and a dedicated concierge.

Aruba, One Of The Best Caribbean Islands

Visit Aruba

Take time to visit Aruba; it is one of my favorite beach vacations. The ‘One Happy Island’ mindset begins to take hold after only a few hours on the white sandy beaches and sipping a tropical drink. It is a perfect year round tropical destination.

Pro Tip: Wherever you go in Aruba, arrive early. Pack your swimsuit in your carry on and enjoy this charming Caribbean islands paradise even before your room is ready. Get ready to visit Aruba and experience the Aruba Effect.

Happy Travels,


Visit Aruba


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