Train Beyond The Mountains
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Train Beyond the Mountains: Journeys on the Rocky Mountaineer Book Review

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Train Travel Across Thirty Five Countries But Still Going Strong, Rick Antonson’s Recounts His Canadian Skip Gen Adventure

The serene and mystic journey of train travel imparts a relaxing slow travel adventure where miles are marked by passing rails and whistle stops. Train travel changes the way we approach our destination as we lean into the rhythmic slow speed of the train and watch stunning scenery pass by our window. Train Beyond the Mountains will take you through the wild landscape of Canada and remind you of past journeys with cherished friends and family.

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Train Beyond The Mountains

Train beyond the mountains

Train Beyond The Mountains recounts the wondrous journey of the author, Rick Antonson, and his grandson Riley as they journey across western Canada on the Rocky Mountaineer. Antonson is a travel writer and historian with a pension for trains. He has traversed the rails across twenty eight US States, nine Canadian provinces and more than thirty-five countries.

Antonson’s memoir of his epic skip-gen journey with Riley joining along is more than a simple story about train travel. It is a delightful account of sharing your passion with someone you love. Multi-day train travel changes your relationship with your traveling companion. Hours with scenery rolling by and few responsibilities to occupy your time, quietly insists travelers converse and bond together.

Travel Dreams

Train Beyond The Mountains

Recounting his many global train explorations, Antonson takes us on more than a journey across Canada. Fellow passengers recount train travel around the world in shared experiences typical for train travel aficionados. Your own personal travel dreams happen through your mind’s eye as you read of international railways and intriguing anecdotes. The stories sparks imagination and aspirations to plan a personal steel rails getaway.

The History Of The Canadian Railway

Train Beyond The Mountains

Antonson’s Train Beyond the Mountains weaves the story of how railway magnets connected Canada’s vast geography with hard work and steam locomotives. Exploring how needed transportation morphed into luxury rail travel. Train history mixed with his personal account as a former president and CEO of Destination Vancouver (formerly Tourism Vancouver) and former vice president of Rocky Mountaineer.

The interweaving of history, a personal account of traveling with his ten year old grandson, spirited dialogue from other onboard guests creates a tapestry of corporate greed, wild landscape vistas, and interesting stories of other international railways.

Rocky Mountaineer Denver To Moab

Train Beyond The Mountains
Dessert on the Rocky Mountaineer

I had the pleasure of being a guest on the Rocky Mountaineer’s Rockies To The Red Rocks train journey. The rolling scenery of the Colorado River, Rocky Mountains, and Red Rock formations brought a peaceful stillness to my slow travel adventure. The experience exceeded my expectations; the cuisine was divine, the scenery left me awestruck, and the rhythmic motion was therapeutic.

Enjoy my short postcard video of a few of the gorgeous sights on the Rocky Mountaineer Rockies To The Red Rocks (Denver to Moab).

Book Club Questions

If your book club enjoys travel stories, this would be inspirational to make your skip-gen travel dreams happen.

  1. Have you traveled on a luxurious, multi-day train journey? Did you find the experience relaxing allowing introspection and reflection?
  2. What is your impression of Antonson and Riley’s relationship? Did they become closer and appreciate each other as the journey progressed?
  3. As a captive on a moving train, conversing with other travellers as each tick along the track uncovers stories of train adventures. Would you be interested in famous trains and bucket list trips from the other passengers?
  4. What is your impression of the Canadian Government and various agencies while they built the great Canadian railway? What went right? What went wrong?
  5. Have you taken a skip-gen vacation with your grandchild? grandparent?
  6. What are your life’s unfinished journeys? What captivating journey looms in your future?

Journeys on the Rocky Mountaineer

Book Back

I hope you enjoyed this review of the Train Beyond the Mountains. I am looking forward to the day I can ride the rails from Vancouver to Banff!

Happy Travels,



Train Beyond The Mountains


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  1. Hi lovely!! I enjoyed this blog post, as I’m Canadian!! I live in Windsor, Ontario! I’ve never traveled on a multi-day train journey, let alone a luxurious one!! I’d love to cross it off my bucket list one day though!! I’m going through the book club questions just for fun… UGH! Don’t get me started on the current government or lack thereof (actually, lack of brains!!!) Haha. It’s really bad here, pray for us!! I haven’t taken a skip-gen vacation yet!! I never heard of one before, but I hope to now! My life’s unfinished journey? Wow!! That’s deep – I’ve never thought of it like that before. I guess I’ll go deep and say life in general, and my captivating journey that looms in my future is eternity!! I’m excited for it! 🙂 Hope you’re doing well! <3 Great post!!