The Glass of Sandwich Massachusetts
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The Glass Of Sandwich Massachusetts

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As you navigate over the Bourne Bridge to access the island of Cape Cod, you can feel yourself relaxing. It is the perfect vacation destination spring, summer, and fall. However during the winter, the Cape is extremely quiet, cold, and many venues are closed. The charming town of Sandwich has wonderful beaches, fabulous dining, and unique museums. The town was built on the economy of the glass of Sandwich Massachusetts.

Museums, glass works, and modern artisans continue the town’s glass industry history. You can find gorgeous modern pieces and charming antiques as the perfect memento of your Cape Cod visit.

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The Boston And Sandwich Glass Company

In 1825, Deming Jarvis opened the Boston and Sandwich Glass Company. The Sandwich based manufacturing operation pumped out glassware that was hand-blown, molded, cut, and engraved.

The molded glass patterns took on a lacy appearance combined with lined patterns that imitated cut crystal, were popular and profitable. The glass company produced fine tableware from the pressed glass. They poured the hot, molten glass into molds to create all sorts of household goods. They also produced lamps, vases, perfume bottles, and other necessary home goods in pressed glass.

Sandwich Glass Museum

The Glass of Sandwich Massachusetts
Magic Garden, Small – Mundy Hepburn, Artist

The Sandwich Glass Museum offers visitors a peek into the history of Sandwich glass. Enjoy cases of beautiful pressed glass spanning the history of glass making on Cape Cod.

You can also explore modern day displays of local artists pieces like Hepburn’s Magic Garden, Small designed from glass, light, and gas to create a stunning combination.

On site is a working furnace where artisan glass blowers demonstrate the precision work required in blown glass. Gather around the furnace and be close enough to watch the blown glass fire up in the furnace’s glory hole.

Glass Studios In Sandwich

The Glass of Sandwich Massachusetts

The proximity of Sandwich Glass Museum has made the perfect home for current day artisans to craft their own exquisite glass collections. Whether you are searching for the perfect piece of Sandwich glass or want to see a live glass blowing demonstration, you will love the glass makers in Sandwich.

McDermott Glass Studio

The Glass of Sandwich Massachusetts

The McDermott Glass Studio crafts gorgeous glassware in their studio for you to view in their shop or purchase online.

Glass Studio On Cape Cod

The Glass Studio on Cape Cod has a gallery of stunning pieces in their Cape Cod glass works studio.

Sandwich’s History Of Glass Making

A Guide To Sandwich Glass Pressed Tableware

Study up on antique Sandwich Glass with these great guide books. You never know what treasure lives on Grandma’s bookshelf!

A Century of Sandwich Glass from the Collections of the Sandwich Glass Museum Paperback

A Guide to Sandwich Glass Whale Oil Lamps and Accessories

A Guide To Sandwich Glass Pressed Tableware

The Story Of Sandwich Glass

The Sandwich Glass Factory Narrative

The Glass of Sandwich Massachusetts

Exploring Cape Cod is one of my favorite pastimes. Spending an afternoon looking at all the pretty Sandwich glass was a nice respite from the beach crowds. Discovering the glass of Sandwich Massachusetts is a satisfying journey into the history of the glass factory and a look into the future of the modern artisan design.

Pro Tip: When you have a chance to visit the charming Cape Cod town of Sandwich, start your planning with my destination guide: The Best Things To Do In Charming Sandwich MA. A Whale Watching tour is a fun excursion to your Massachusetts getaway. My list of things to know before going on a whale watching tour will get you started.

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The Glass of Sandwich Massachusetts

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