Guinness And Baby Guinness

Do you Love beer? Do you Love Guinness and Baby Guinness? Want to learn the correct way to pour a perfect Guinness? Ever dream of going to Dublin? This post is for you!

Guinness and a Baby Guinness

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We made our trip special with a private Connoisseur Bar tasting, The Guinness Connoisseur Experience – you can view their promo video: https://www.guinness-storehouse.com/en/connoisseur-experience

We sampled the Guinness Draft, of course, the Guinness Extra Stout, the Guinness Dublin Porter, Guinness Rye Pale Ale, and several others. It was a transporting experience, the dark wood paneled bar, an enchanting Irish storyteller-bartender with a thick brogue, the historical photos, mood lighting, intimate crowd, and the amazing beers!

Guinness and a Baby Guinness - At the Bar
Connoisseur Bar

We had a lesson on how to pour a Guinness correctly and got a chance to give it a try and pour one for ourself. If you love beer, this is a tour for you. We had tastings, a full pour of our own and then a coupon for another Guinness in the rooftop bar. Don’t go on an empty stomach!

Guinness and a Baby Guinness - the real thing
So much Guinness

Baby Guinness

Let’s talk Baby Guinness’s! You will need some Kahlua (or coffee liqueur) and Bailey’s Irish Creme, a shot glass and a small spoon.

You can get adorable mini mason jar shot glasses at Amazon. How cute would they bee for your next party.

How to make a Baby Guinness

In a shot glass, pour the coffee liqueur. Invert a spoon and place it over the opening of the shot glass. Slowly pour the Irish Cream over the spoon. The goal is to have the Irish Cream will float on top of the coffee liqueur, creating the look of a tiny beer.

Guinness and a Baby Guinness
Baby Guinness

Visit Dublin for a day or two, that’s enough! Go to the Guinness Storehouse, The Temple Bar, and enjoy a small cafe to watch the crowd go by.
Slán is beannacht!

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