Amalfi Coast Walking Tour
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Small Group Amalfi Coast Walking Tour

Join us on a walking tour of the Amalfi Coast

We are a small group of traveling friends, mostly retired and ready to explore the world. New friends are always welcome to join along — next up an Amalfi Coast Walking Tour in Italy! I had the pleasure of visiting the Amalfi Coast in August of 2022, it was stunning. We were sailing on a cruise with Oceania; we only had one day in Positano, Sorrento, and Amalfi, it was a quick visit.

Wanting to explore the Amalfi Coast in a more relaxed way, I discovered this Amalfi Coast Walking Tour — four nights on the Sorrento Peninsula, two nights on the Amalfi Coast, and one night in Naples (or three with the add on extension). It is the perfect trip for our group of traveling friends.

If you have ever wanted to visit Italy’s Amalfi Coast or revisit your favorite spots, I invite you to join us on this unique Italian adventure — May 5–May 13, 2024.

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Amalfi Coast Tours

Amalfi Coast Walking Tour

Our group is heading out on the May 5-13, 2024 tour. If you were ever interested in visiting Italy’s Amalfi Coast, this might be the right tour for you.

Touring with a group is a wonderful way to travel, there is always someone around you can chat with making for an enjoyable trip.

The total group for this trip is 22 and as I am writing this there are 7 spots left. To date, 8 of the attendees are part of my group – it’s like having our own travel party.

Amalfi Coast Walking Tour With EF Go Ahead Tours

Amalfi Coast Walking Tour
Sorrento Market

You can find all the information about our Amalfi Coast Walking Tour by clicking through the link below. If you want to join us and enjoy the benefits of traveling with a group of friends, be sure to sign up through the link below.

Amalfi Coast Walking Tour with Sandi

Walking the Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast Walking Tour
Amalfi Coastline

Walks on this tour include:

  • “Local villages – 1.5–2 miles / 2–2.5 hours. A challenging descent through charming villages and lemon and olive groves with views of Capri in the distance.”
  • “Atrani & Ravello Gardens – <1 mile / 1–1.5 hours. An easy stroll around the towns of Atrani and Ravello to explore the gardens of Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone. Walk is mostly flat, with a few steps.”
  • “Mount Vesuvius – 1 mile / 1–1.5 hours. A gradual up-and-down hill walk with railings along the trail. Walking sticks are available for rent. Take in views of the volcano and enjoy free time to explore the crater.”
  • “Path of the Gods (optional excursion) – 4.5 miles / 3 hours walking, 8 hours total. A challenging hike around the steep mountaintop path with panoramic views of the sea.”
  • “La Mortella (optional excursion on tour extension) –2.5 hours walking. A guided walk through the botanical gardens and grounds of La Mortella.”

Pro Tip: “Depending on local weather conditions, seasons and trail closures, the activities and sequence of your included walks may change.”

Italian Foodie’s Dream

Amalfi Coast Walking Tour
Pizza in Sorrento

Lemon groves filled with bright citrusy goodness fill the air with a fresh scent. Olive groves produce extra virgin olive oil that is so good you will want to bring home a gallon. A local cuisine walking tour, a farmhouse dinner, lemon farm walking tour, and wine tastings — things that every foodie loves.

Linger Longer with a Tour Extension

Du Rhône Chocolate Trays

My theory on add-on extensions — I don’t expect to pass this city, region, or country again so I am going to make the most of my visit. I invariably add on a tour extension — usually pre and post tour.

On our most recent visit to France, we added three days in Geneva to a Burgundy river cruise. One of my favorite tours in Geneva was a Chocolate Tour in Geneva. We got to sample so many delectable sweets. Other cities we have lingered longer with an excursion include Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam, Prague, Athens, the list goes on.

With the Amalfi Coast Walking Tour the add on extension is two more nights in Naples. I have a pizza making class on my to do list for this gritty Italian city.

Expert Local Guides

Amalfi Coast Walking Tour
Amalfi Cathedral

I love traveling with a group of friends and it is so much easier with a pre-planned itinerary and expert local guides.

Our group recently sailed down the Saône and Rhône Rivers in France visiting Burgundy Wineries like charming The Château de Garnerot.

Day-By-Day Itinerary

Amalfi Coast Walking Tour

Below is a synopsis of the Amalfi Coast Walking Tour Itinerary.

Amalfi Coast Walking Tour with Sandi

Day 1: Travel to Italy
Day 2: Arrival in Naples & transfer to Sorrento Peninsula

“Welcome to Italy! Transfer to your hotel on the Sorrento peninsula and get settled in, then meet your fellow travelers at tonight’s welcome dinner.

Day 3: Hiking tour of Sorrento Peninsula villages

This morning, travel to Termini to follow a local guide on a downhill hike through the charming villages of the Italian countryside.

  • Traverse lemon groves and olive farms, glimpsing the island of Capri in the distance
  • Make your way to the small fishing village of Lobra, which is known for its beautiful scenery
  • Sample bruschetta with olive oil, lemon juice, caciocavallo cheese, salami, and tarallucci cookies at a local olive oil shop

Spend a free evening on the Sorrento peninsula or add the Food of Sorrento Walking excursion.

Day 4: Free day on the Sorrento Peninsula

Enjoy a free day on the Sorrento peninsula or add the Path of the Gods: Scenic Cliffside Hike & Positano and/or Rustic Italy: Farmhouse Dinner & Wine Tasting excursions.

Day 5: Free day on the Sorrento Peninsula

Spend a free day on the Sorrento peninsula or add the Capri Cruise & Scenic Island Walk excursion.

Day 6: Sightseeing tour of Ravello

Enjoy a walking tour of picturesque Ravello, an iconic town along the Amalfi Coast.

  • Take a scenic drive along the coast to Ravello, stopping at the Positano viewpoint en route for photos
  • Walk with your Tour Director through stunning Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone, famous for their beautiful gardens
Day 7: Sightseeing tour of Amalfi

Join a local guide on a walk through the town of Amalfi before taking to the water.

  • Enter Amalfi Cathedral, which houses the crypt of Saint Andrew
  • Travel back to your hotel aboard a private speedboat
  • Admire views of the villages, cliffs, and seascapes along the Amalfi Coast

Spend a free afternoon on the Amalfi Coast or add the Amalfi Coast Lemon Farm Walking Tour & Lunch excursion.

Day 8: Mount Vesuvius & Pompeii Tour

Travel back to the days of the Roman Empire on today’s expedition to Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii.

  • Take a hike to the top of legendary Mount Vesuvius to explore the volcanic crater at the summit
  • Witness how wealthy Romans lived on a guided tour of Pompeii’s ruins
  • View the excavated Roman ruins of theaters, villas, temples, and baths

Later, toast your trip at tonight’s farewell dinner in Naples.

Day 9: Sightseeing Tour Of Naples
(with trip extension or depart for home)

This morning’s food-themed guided tour introduces you to the flavors of Naples, home to some famous Italian cuisine.

  • Walk through Piazza del Gesù to view the Church of Gesù Nuovo
  • Stop at a local cafe to try espresso Napoletano
  • Enter the Basilica of Santa Chiara to see the unique and ornate cloister
  • Step inside a shop to taste the famous Vesuvius chocolate
  • Walk along Via dei Tribunali and enjoy a cuoppo, or cone, filled with fried street foods such as arancini, polenta, croquettes, and vegetables
  • Sample sfogliatella, a flaky pastry, near the Church of San Domenico Maggiore

Later, enjoy a free afternoon in Naples or add the The Roman Empire: Volcanic Fields & Villa Giulia excursion.

Day 10: Free Day In Naples

Spend a full free day in Naples or add the Ischia Island & Aragonese Castle excursion.

Then, gather for a farewell drink this evening.

Day 11: Departure

Transfer to the airport for your flight home” — everyone insert sad face here 🙁

Additional Tour Ideas

Amalfi Coast Walking Tour

In addition to the tours offered to the group, there are other tour options available through Viator

Enjoy food tours, boat tours, and more. Many of these extra excursions are also small group tours perfect for fitting in during free time in these picturesque seaside villages.

Amalfi Coast Tours with Viator

Napes Tours with Viator

Sorrento Tours with Viator

Stuff I Love To Travel With

When I’m taking a walking tour, I have certain items I carry with me all the time. From bug wipes to walking poles, a few items in your day trip backpack will make your hike a more enjoyable trip.


Amalfi Coast Walking Tour

If you are considering a visit to the Amalfi Coast, why not join in with a bunch of new friends. Enjoy the small group tour with a trained guide while exploring on our Amalfi Coast Walking Tour. Be sure to follow us by signing up for your free packing list to enjoy our New England, USA, and International escapades.

Happy Travels,



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