Mission to Australia Book Review

Mission To Australia Book Review

Erika Bud takes young, adventurous readers along for the ride with a group of intrepid Travel Rangers — Kayden, Bella, Hannah, and James. Beautifully illustrated by Sonio Sengupta, Mission to Australia will entrance your little explorers and fly them down-under for an exciting day of adventures. Below is my Mission To Australia book review.

Easy to read outloud — an important consideration in a children’s book — the words and illustrations are rich with ideas to extend the discussion beyond the dialog. Follow these four friends as they discover exciting new adventures.

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Teach Kids About Travel

Travel Rangers Mission To Australia

The Travel Rangers Mission to Australia teaches youngsters about exploring the world. Opening up young minds to other cultures instills a wonderlust for reading and traveling. Our world is more accessible than ever and learning about other cultures helps expand our global appreciation and acceptance.

Expand On What You Read

Quick snapshots of classic Australian life are woven into the Travel Rangers’ adventure. It is easy to take a children’s travel book like Mission to Australia and extend it into every-day teachable moments. You will be excited see your child become engaged and experience Australia as a fellow Travel Ranger.

Iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge

Do you know how many steps it takes to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge? The Travel Rangers do, and they climb every step. Walk around the neighborhood with your young reader counting out all the steps — by-the-way, it’s a lot — 1,332.

Fun Australian Words

Enjoy a bit of “Fairy Floss?” Kids love to learn new words. Introducing regional jargon is a fun way to keep the story fresh in their minds. You can plan an entire meal (add Fairy Floss for dessert) around Australian cuisine for an immersive dining experience.

Great Barrier Reef

The gang goes snorkeling along the Great Barrier Reef. There are all kinds of ways you can explore without actually being there. Inexpensive snorkel equipment for the pool or tub can turn into an imaginative reef exploration. Of course, there are countless Great Barrier Reef snorkeling videos to explore.


The Travel Rangers encounter children playing Rugby and Cricket. Organize a game with your friends and family. It will get everyone outside and running around — a win/win.

Books And Technology

Our kids love cool technology. We need to use this to our advantage. When combined with travel books like Mission to Australia, technology becomes a teaching tool. The book has a QR code that brings it to life with digital pop-up 3D creations along with real life videos. A great way to keep the learning moving forward and see new places.

That’s A Wrap

Mission to Australia Book Review

Whether you are an armchair traveler or a boots-on-the-ground explorer, a great travel book is a treasure. I hope my Travel Rangers’ Mission to Australia Book Review has peeked your wanderlust. This wonderful book is a must have for the littlest explorer in your life. 

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